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ARTAS® Robot is back to Portugal!

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The only active Capilar Robot in Portugal

Restoration Robotics, ARTAS® company, selected Clínica Replace as a partner in Portugal. The Robotic Restoration Hair Sistem ARTAS® was designed with you in mind. This cutting- edge technology was developed with the most prestigious physicians and researchers in hair restoration.

With ARTAS® is no longer needed long incisions and stitches. Now the process of hair restoration is practically undetectable.

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Surgeries executed by Surgeons

ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) as issued an important alert: all the surgeries need to be executed by surgeons. At Clínica Replace, all surgeries are done by Surgeons, members of ISHRS.

Guaranteed Results

After becoming pioneer of the FUE technique, in Portugal, Dr. Fátima Garcês, brought again an innovation through the Biofibre® Implante, a solution for patients without donor area. Thus, we are able to obtain results for different types of cases.

Permanent Monitoring

We want you to feel supported. In addition, during the day, at Clínica Replace, you’ll have a private space for you to be at ease, and also, at your disposal, you will have a sleep night offer at the VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa for an up close follow-up, after surgery.

5 Stars

A Space that adapts to you

Clínica Replace is one of a kind. We are permanently evolving  and implementing integrated technology in our space, so we personalise all your experiences as a patient at Clínica Replace. As an example, our surgery rooms are designed to meet your needs. Together, with our research team, we are thinking and building the future.

Meet Dr. Fátima Garcês

We invite you to meet our medical team and to clarify your doubts. Commitment free!

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Only clinic with an active Hair Restoration Robot ARTAS® 9x in Portugal
  • Biofibre® Implant exclusivity in Portugal
  • Most innovative clinic in Portugal